816243_347783-20160307_greeplate2Chef Wemischner “owns” the category of delicious tea recipes here, but I ran across some mouth-watering recipes lately I’d thought I’d link you to this month if you are a lover of all things tea.  If the recipe calls for tea bags, I say substitute loose tea…of course!

So, without further introduction, here they are:

The first is a tea and fruit bread that would be perfect for afternoon tea. You choose your favorite to drink along with it.  They are calling it Irish Barmbrack and I’d probably enjoy this with a good strong black tea like, of course, Irish Breakfast.

Next, we move to matcha.  Even if you’re not a fan of drinking matcha, you might love all the recipes it works so well in.  Here are just a few:

609f2c60-b950-0133-7731-0e7c926a42afBeing a chocolate fanatic, these made me salivate just looking at the photos!  First, the no-bake matcha and chocolate wafer refrigerator cake and then these totally scrumptious-looking  mini-brownies with a matcha glaze topping:
b98de050-ba14-0133-f0a4-0a6c20e5e327Getting back to black tea, this one uses one of my all time personal favorites…Earl Grey.  And what’s really great is that it uses the leaves after you steep. You can enjoy it as a hot cuppa to go with the biscuits/bars!   Kind of a double Earl Grey delight!

Whatever tea you love, you can probably find a way to incorporate it into a delicious recipe, be it as a sauce, a marinade, a bread, a dessert, or just an incredibly creative specialty beverage, like this beautiful iced matcha frappe!