IMG_9540Tea plus vitamins! Yes! A new way of supporting health and well being. Well, not exactly “new,” for we’ve always known that tea by itself does supply the body with numerous nutrients — so why not add a few more?! This has now been done.

Twisted Leaves is a Canadian tea company, founded by Ehsan Movasaghi. Coming from a family of tea merchants going back generations, Ehsan’s mission was to create the finest teas, with maximum benefits for health and wellness.

For many of us, drinking tea and supplementing our diet with vitamins is an essential part of caring for our health. Now, you can add your daily vitamins by drinking their refreshing, health-supporting tea. Ehsan’s teas originate from ozone-friendly tea gardens in the ancient tea-growing regions of Sri Lanka and China, their vitamins are sourced from the most up-to-date European manufacturers, and the resulting tea has been authorized by Health Canada.

Currently there are three delicious varieties: Green Tea with Vitamin A+E for vision and skin support, pure Ceylon Black Tea with Vitamin D for bone and dental support, as well as, pure Ceylon Black Tea imbued with Vitamin B as a metabolism booster. The vitamins do not affect the flavor of the teas in any way. I found all three selections completely enjoyable.

Here is a short and inspiring video:

When this delightful young man approached me with his teas, I thought his concept was genius! Why not put additional vitamins in tea? The vitamins maintain their nutrients and are not destroyed by the boiling water, nor is the tea.

So far, he has these three: Vision and Skin Support (green tea with Vitamins A and E), Winter Saver (black tea with Vitamin D), and Metabolism Booster (Black tea with Vitamin B), all with their own benefits, whether they be improving bone strength, aiding metabolism, and even maintaining healthy skin.

The tea of yesterday still has a special place and deserves reverence. The tea of today has many looks and serves a world ready to embrace change. In preserving the original ways and learning from the elders, there is room to adapt to the ever-growing needs and desires of a tea-loving and tea-appreciating society. The tea of tomorrow must reach out to those still unaware.