5899900950_4429868b07_zI just got an email from a physician friend back east who sent me the link to this March 2016 paper.

The American Heart Association is a conservative organization so it’s especially important to have their support.  In a nutshell, here’s what they found from over 6,000 subjects :

“Adults who drank one and two to three cups of tea daily had more favorable coronary calcium scores than those who never drank tea. They also noted a graded relationship between the amount of tea a person drank and a progressively lower incidence of major heart–related events starting with the one–cup–a–day tea drinkers, versus never tea drinkers.” They report that “coronary artery calcium progression (is), a marker for blood vessel disease, and heart attacks, angina, cardiac arrest, stroke and death from other types of heart disease.”

It certainly does my heart good to know that the established medical community is finally getting the word out. Tea is good for one’s health.