23883227710_7dff93629c_zAppendectomies are usually done on male teenagers, so the nurse told me when I asked if it wasn’t unusual for a female Baby Boomer to have just had one.  Two Sunday nights ago my stomach became very uncomfortable and, byTuesday afternoon, it was just about unbearable so, for the first time in years, I set foot inside a hospital emergency room.  By about 8:30 p.m. I was having my appendix removed.  My appendix?  The next day I told the nurse I planned to leave that afternoon, and did so, after the surgeon (whom I’d never seen prior) gave me the green light.

Aside from the fact my dad had his appendix removed at about age 40, there were no indications that an appendectomy was in my future.

However, what the point of the post is and why I’m telling this rather boring story is the fact that not only did I go home just hours after surgery but that, when they checked me out pre-op, everything was as right as rain in every area (except an elevated white count from the burst appendix).  Medications?  No, none.  Health problems?  None.  Depression?  No.

I’m very thankful to God for the great health he has given me all my life and this incident also made me aware of how important what we put in our mouths over extended periods of time can become in a crisis.   I’ve read the percentage of people in this country, most a lot younger than me, who are on medication(s) of some type.  Is it any wonder with the high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar diets most Americans consume?

How many in this country drink coffee?  I’m not saying it’s poison, but I know how it makes me feel and most people don’t just drink it black.  People seem to think now, thanks to the giant coffee chains, that ‘coffee’ equals 1-2 shots of espresso mixed with milk, sugary syrups and topped with whipped cream.

I’m quite sure tea has played a role in our continuing good health since we started drinking great tea in 2004.  We have about 3-4 8 oz. cups a day, supplemented by good water and mostly healthy food.  Yes, I’m an ice cream fanatic, but since this episode, I’ve determined to really cut down on that as well.

It feels good to feel good, and this bumpy start to 2016 has made us more determined than ever to eat right, live right, and to get all the poison out of our lives, including poison attitudes, poison TV shows, and even to stay away from people who rob us of physical and mental health, the cause of so many chronic illnesses and dependence on medication by the general population of the U.S.  Will we ‘cheat’ with a hot fudge sundae now and then?  Of course.  But we’ve never really lived anything but moderately in our lifestyle and eating habits and it has proven to be a very good decision.