IllustraTEAVE_review_Aug_13_2013There is a sad yet beautiful story surrounding Margaret’s Hope Golden Delight 2nd flush tea. Originally, the tea hailed from Bara Ringtong Tea Estate. But, in 1927, the owner caught a vision of his daughter standing in the tea gardens while mourning her sudden death. The gardens in India were named in her honor shortly thereafter. Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate continues to produce delicate, flowery tea in her memory to this day, including the much anticipated 2016 flush.

Simply tealicious, Margaret’s Hope Estate is one of the classic Darjeeling gardens in West Bengal State, India, where the soil and climatic conditions produce the treasured and exquisite taste specifically revered in this black tea. Picked during the second flush––end of May through the end of June––the leaves are long and wiry, black with green tips, holding a full, delicious coppery nose. This crisp, medium body is slightly astringent with deep flavors boasting a complex bouquet reminiscent of jasmine. But, to me, sipping the happy flavors of this golden colored tea felt as though I were drinking liquid sunshine.

When steeping Margaret’s Hope Golden Delight, I was rather generous and measured the leaf as two heaping teaspoons for the infusion. This tea is very forgiving if oversteeped, too. Use six ounces of water heated to 180F for 4-41/2 minutes.

To learn more about Lochan Tea’s latest black tea offering––Margaret’s Hope FTGFOP 1––visit their website.