Fuding_Silver_needle_review_Dec_18“You are sunny and full of festive stars which float in my heart.” – J.R. Cook

Delicate, fresh, and slightly sweet perfectly describes the flavor and fragrance of this rare tea named for its tight, fat needle shape. The beautifully large, fleshy leaf buds are cloaked in very fine silver tea hairs, a royal flare most prized by the Chinese Imperial Family for centuries. Considered to be quite rare, the first flush of leaf shoots (top buds) of the “Big White,” “Small White,” and “Narcissus” tea bushes are plucked for only two days of the year.

Once infused, the tea produces glittering, pale yellow colors with tiny, reflective white hairs, which dance delicately in the liquor. Avoid scalding the leaves by heating water to no more than 180-185F/ 95C. Use two tablespoons of dried tea leaves for every 8 ounces of water. As mentioned, silver needle teas are made from the buds only; therefore, it is best to steep for five to seven minutes to bring out the full flavor. I enjoyed seven infusions and five grams at a temperature of 95C/180F. I found that each additional infusion became one to two minutes longer.

Organic Imperial Fuding Silver Needle White Tea originates from the Fuding and Zhenghe cities in Fujian province, from the Da Bai Hao tea bush variety. The first mention of White Tea appears in the “Treatise on Tea” by the Emperor Huizong (1107-1110). Now anyone can enjoy this luxurious tea once reserved only for royals. Contact JasETea to purchase this tea and other premium teas.

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