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What an interesting time in the world today.  We’re dealing with political unrest around the globe, not to mention other issues like global warming. But there is one common thread that unites us in the fabric of this planet, and that is the ritual and pleasure of tea.  I’m reminded that those of us in the U.S., despite double-digit annual growth, still represent a relatively small percentage of tea drinkers.  Not so for the top 5 countries: Turkey, Ireland, U.K. Russia and Morocco. I was fascinated by a 2014 report of tea drinkers around the world.

12361a1c4I would have bet the farm on China, Japan and India easily being in the top 10. My dream is to live long enough for the U.S. to make it into the top 10.  Do you think I have any chance to fulfill that dream?  Always an optimist, I will do my part in turning as many people onto tea as I can and hope you will join me in this worthwhile campaign.

May 2016 bring abundant health and joy into your life……and exceptional tea as well!

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