tetsubinAfter finishing my first semester at University, I found myself exhausted, missing my family and missing my tea. I had brought most of my tea with me to university, but I left my favorite teapot, a Japanese Tetsubin, with my parents. Drinking a full pot of Jasmine tea out of my Tetsubin on a quiet, sleepy Sunday was one of my favorite things to do at home, and on my return home I looked forward to doing this again.

Once I got settled in, I was finally ready for tea time. I picked a quiet afternoon and began. I boiled my water, measured my tea, and brewed a wonderful pot of my favorite Jasmine tea. As I sat at the table I was joined by my mother, a great lover of black teas, but not a huge fan of Jasmine. To my surprise, she enjoyed it almost as much as I did…almost. It seems that I make a much better cup of tea than I ever did before! It really was nice to enjoy some of those old comforts of home: tea and family.

When I go back to school in a few weeks I’ll miss my family and my Tetsubin, and I’ll be happy to come back home and enjoy some good tea and company again. Also, as I’m wrapping this post up on Christmas day I’m pleased to say that I received my first Matcha set. More tea lies in the future!