At the moment of my birth there was a celebration, too.

The angels sang and God was all I knew.

God was all I remembered – for on earth

as in Heaven – we are all one.

To remind us of this, God sent us his Son.

Once a year we are reminded of His special birth.

It is a rejoicing that encircles all of the earth.

Gifts are given – hearts open wide;

the focus is on good and we all take pride.

The hope for my daily rebirth is now understood.

A child in a manger, simple and pure;

a symbol of peace and innocence;

 that we should all be safe from danger – sound and secure.

To be in God’s presence is the present I truly need.

In this time of celebration I am freed from my own greed.

I live to give – my gifts I share.

I do not hide them or disguise them – nor place them under a tree.

My gifts of love and laughter, kindness and caring are meant for sharing;

 not just once a year or for a select few.

Precious time with a cup of tea – moments to reconnect with a divine reality.

The gifts I have are unique to me and I celebrate my own nativity.

Every birth is planned – every child has a right,

every life is precious, delicate and meant to be.

On the tree of life every child’s light shines bright for all to see.

 Thank you, God; my own light clears my visibility.

There is a place for each and every one of us on God’s special tree.

We glisten and twinkle in a colourful harmony.

 We each have our place and together we light up the world as we claim our space –

next to each other, side by side.

Loving and grateful, God takes pride at the birth of each and every one of His children –

yes, that’s you and me.

Christmas is a celebration of all we are and all we can be.

Thank you God, for this divine festivity.


Dharlene Marie Fahl

Author, Poetess, Tea Specialist

Soon to be released A Passion for Tea