3167902393_4c148d1b21_bThe gap, the space, the generations, the ways, the beliefs.

The traditions, the culture, the clothing, the food.

Geographically, religiously, economically.

The language.


Certain eyes see only certain things.

Eyes of uncertainty –  eyes of unfamiliarity.

Eyes of ignorance.

Thoughts of intolerance.

Minds with little acceptance.

Hearts completely closed.

Put the kettle on.

Steep some tea.

Come have a seat next to me.

Magic happens by cup number three.

No need to rush.

No conversation to force.

No pretense to uphold.

Just two human beings having tea.

Limits of language surpassed.

Souls require no tongues.

Lips used only to sip the tea.

Tongues purely for tasting.

Eyes that meet – souls that greet.

Walls come crumbling down.

Eyes begin to shine.

Lips now used to smile.

Deep and rhythmic breathing.

Hearts beating in harmony.

A bridge begins to form.

Borders and barriers disappear.

Just two spiritual beings having tea.

~Dharlene Marie Fahl~

Excerpt from her upcoming tea poetry book: A Passion for Tea