connor1When I got this tea sample from Nathan Burchfield, the founder of Gold World Century LTD, I was very impressed by the simple yet elegant packaging. A beige canvas bag with colorful leaves printed on it held the brown resealable package containing the tea sample.

When I opened the tea, I could immediately tell that Mountain Top Green Tea was unlike any green tea I have ever had before. The leaves are dark, suggesting aggressive firing, and the dry leaf also has a strong sweet mineral aroma, not unlike a rock oolong. The grade of the leaf is good overall but tended to be tippy with a few twigs.

The taste of the first infusions matches the aroma of the dry leaf perfectly. Smooth, sweet mineral is the top note of the first infusions with grassy and vegetal notes barely noticeable below it. The liquor is a satisfying pale yellow.

connor2The middle infusions show a pleasing development. Notes of apple and pear start to arise under the still prevalent mineral sweetness. The wet leaf gets greener and brighter in colour with every infusion.

The last infusions show the most vegetal notes that rise to the foreground as the mineral sweetness falls. It ends with a slightly sour bitterness.

Mountain Top Green Tea by Gold World Century LTD is a good choice for oolong lovers looking for a transition into green tea, or a green tea drinker looking for a transition into oolong teas. It is also a great choice for tea drinkers looking to mix up their tea experience with something different and unusual, but not so strange that it’s undrinkable.

As of right now, Gold World Century isn’t open for business, but hopefully soon everyone will have access to these teas.