Tealicious! The Liu An Gua Pian from JAS-eTea not only smells like roasted sunflower seeds, it boasts a rich, long finish with subtle floral hints.

This beautiful, sip-worthy beverage is revered as one of China’s top green teas. The unique flavor results from a late harvest, unlike most green teas, where the secondary and tertiary leaves are picked from a three-leaf plant. To further honor the “gua pian,” or sunflower seed, the stem is pruned during picking to resemble the familiar shape of the celebrated seed.

The rich, aromatic liqueur is warm and comforting and sure to delight cup after cup. The tranquility I experienced with each sip of Liu An Gua Pian Green Tea was so vivid, it inspired the quote featured in this illustrated review, “A cup of tea is peace.”

For optimum enjoyment, steep four grams of Liu An Gaua Pian in 180˚F filtered water for 1 minute 15 seconds. Four grams will yield 4-5 infusions, perfect for adding zen to your afternoon!

Liu An Gua Pian hails from the mountains of Jin Zhai County, Liu An City, in Anhui Province. Visit JAS-eTea to purchase this tea and other premium green teas.

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