6398408789_cfd6c1feec_bNo matter where you are in the world, Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at T Ching!


For the past couple years, instead of going through the gauntlet that is Black Friday, I’ve spent the day with friends holding a second Thanksgiving dinner (It has been dubbed “Friendsgiving”). One of my favorite things to do is bring my electric kettle and a big old pile of tea for sipping after another filling meal. I am quite partial to a nice roasty oolong or possibly some yerba mate to cut through the inevitable post-meal lethargy.

Is there a tea you love sharing with your guests on Thanksgiving (or any meal-based holiday for that matter)? With a small group, there is something very fun about putting out a huge variety and letting everyone have at it, but on a day like Thanksgiving it just feels proper to serve a big ol’ pot of something to sip by the fire after sharing a turkey with all the trimmings.

We’re all extremely thankful to be a part of the tea community. For me personally, just to see where the industry has gone in the few short years I’ve been aware of the tea world has been fascinating, and to be a part of it here in my own small way feels like an honor.

It’s been especially fantastic to see how much people have taken a shining to our social media presence (all the credit to James and Connor, who have done wonderful things to our Facebook, Twitter, and even our Instagram). If you haven’t yet, check them all out! And if you have some tea-related Thanksgiving stories to share, let us know!