Product-Shot_d181dac2-0e4a-4f68-a3b4-3441cfdce4d9_1024x1024I’m often asked to review tea for new tea businesses.  On the one hand, I want to offer a leg up for new tea entrepreneurs who could benefit from a little publicity on the web.  On the other hand, I keep narrowing down the teas I love so I’m not one to experiment freely for myself.  Yes, that’s horrible of me, but I’m trying to reveal my inner workings here so keep your judgements to yourself please (She said with a smile).

I was asked to try Action Tea, whose tagline is “Drink This & Crush It!”  I wasn’t even sure what that meant. Needless to say, I agreed to review the tea, reluctantly if I’m being honest.  I always keep the new tins out on my counter to encourage me to do the tasting.  This poor can sat on my counter for months.  Today, feeling quite tired after a poor night’s sleep and with an online class looming, I saw the Action tea and voila…I was ready to rock and roll.  I checked the can for instructions but unfortunately there wasn’t much to speak of.

No recommended water temperature, simple “get a cup and some hot water, add 1 action tea sachet. let it sit for 3 mins. drink it and crush it.”  As the water was busy heating to 185 degrees I looked to see what I was going to be drinking: peppermint leaves, ginseng, yerba mate, gunpowder green tea, aislaby black tea.  “Interesting blend”, said the woman who isn’t a tea blend person.

My first tentative sip was fine.  Nothing objectionable at all.  I’m actually drinking some while writing this post.  I’m enjoying the taste and would you believe I actually feel less tired? Is it the placebo effect or does this brew actually work? I’ll be sure to try this again when I’m tired and I will let you know if it causes me to have trouble falling asleep.  It’s almost 5:00 P.M.  but I’m betting I’ll be fine.

For a tea that promises to help you “say goodbye to procrastination”, I think it’s finally working.  I’ve already put a sachet in my purse for those occasions when I’m out and exhausted and need something to help me wake up.  Maybe I’ll even learn to be more open to new teas. Wouldn’t that be something?