october illustrated reviewPalais de Thés’ dark and “tealicious” “Thé des Lords” Earl Grey black tea has within delicious, intense bergamot flavor and notes of safflower petals.

Beautiful tea leaves float in rectangular gauze bags with a woven string which makes it easy to slip into your teapot with hot water (95ºC).  It is quite delightful to watch the leaves slowly swell in the delicate bag and the water transform into a deep delicious elixir. The steeping time for this tea is 4-5 minutes.

This is a very refreshing version of Earl Grey. With a beautiful burnt caramel colour, this is an intoxicating black tea that makes you feel like royalty.

Palais des Thés began in Paris 1866 and today they create a brand of premium tea, all-natural signature flavored teas, pure single-estate teas and exceptional limited edition Grand Crus.