14340262656_4cb4c42c67_oWeight Loss is a very important health issue, but one that often requires medical advice before making any changes to your diet; please consult your physician and/or nutritionist prior to changing, starting, or stopping any weight loss methods. Always check tea ingredients for potential allergens and other ingredients you may be sensitive to. Of course, as with anything else, your results may vary.

I Want to Lose Weight!

There have been a number of studies conducted on the health benefits of natural foods, tea, and herbs added to the everyday diet. The good news is the majority of these studies produced results that indicate what types of tea, herbs, and natural foods that may help to reduce excess body weight for those that desire to do so… What is also important to note is that this type of natural weight loss only occurs if the body needs it, so you can still consume the recommended items without causing any damage to your overall health. Some of the recommended natural ingredients are as follows:


There have been a number of studies proving the health benefits of tea. White Teas and Green Teas have shown to bond to fat cells that have yet to be absorbed into the body, which may result in less weight gain, which is a critical factor in weight loss. Pu-Erh and Oolong Teas have both shown that they may “ramp up” the metabolic rate in certain individuals, resulting in a decrease in weight. When consumed in combination, this method of preventing body fat gain and quickening body fat depletion may result in rapid weight loss.

Citrus Fruits

Citric acid has been shown to have a number of health benefits. Not only is natural citric acid high in Vitamin C, but certain types of citric fruits have shown that they may actually “trick” cells into thinking that the body is younger. Most people start seeing weight gain with age, so keeping the body young obviously can go a long way to help with weight loss and weight management. Lemon Peel has specifically been shown that it may offer health benefits related to weight loss. Also, regularly eating oranges has been shown to improve nutrient sensing pathways. All that means is that you are hungry, and desire to snack, less often, which can only help in rapid weight loss.


While it has been used for thousands of years in China and Japan as a remedy, the use of ginger was not widely accepted by western medicine until recently. Being spicy, ginger has an immediate trigger within the body, increasing a person’s metabolism. Other key natural phytochemicals in ginger have shown to have a positive impact on weight loss. Some of these phytochemicals cause toxins to leave the blood, and others have shown to increase circulation, which is also helpful in weight loss.

Putting it Together

With the information that is provided, the good news is that citrus peels, ginger, and teas are typically inexpensive compared with weight loss pills and dietary supplements, and they go great together! What we recommend for weight loss is a tea that has any combination of these ingredients. Pu-Erh, White Tea, Lemon Peel, and Ginger Root. Not only does this offer a beverage that may help with weight loss, but it will taste fantastic as well. Give it a try with your current health regimen!


0a83937Kevin and Meahgan Borowsky were professionals in New York city who were seeking better health and stumbled upon loose leaf tea. Seeking out tea businesses was a challenge, even in New York City. Eventually, the idea of forming a business around tea emerged, and the couple, seeking out a less hectic pace of life opened the Whistling Kettle Tea Room and Café in Ballston Spa, NY in 2004 –  located minutes from the famous Saratoga Race Track. The store combined over 100 teas and accessories that could be purchased along with a full service, sit down café that was won numerous awards including ‘best lunch spot’ for the entire Capital Region. The menu, featuring traditional tea sandwich favorites, along with crepes, grilled sandwiches and salads appeals to all appetites. The décor and atmosphere were designed to be friendly to both males and females, with tasteful décor along with jazz and blues music playing in the background. It redefines tea culture from the traditional dainty lace and china of yore. A second location opened in Troy, NY in 2014 to expand tea culture to a wider audience. The website sells teas all over the world through it’s Online Tea Store and Tea of the Month Clubs.
The Whistling Kettle also is the only tea vendor with a full-color catalog and reference guide – available free at both locations or on-line.