NOT my dorm room.When I began packing all my tea to bring to university, one of my first thoughts was how I would brew tea in my dorm. I was so used to my setup at home with all my teas lined up on a shelf and my kettle on the stove, a couple teapots at the ready.

I brought what I decided were the essentials: a couple of small teapots, a dozen kinds of tea and a few tea spoons. Next I had to decide what to use to boil water. My original plan was to bring a small electric kettle to my dorm, but I soon learned that kettles where not allowed in the dorm rooms.  I eventually settled on bringing a Keurig to my dorm just for the hot water.

When it came time to set up my tea set I was ready. I put all my teas, cups, and teapots on a large wardrobe shelf and I placed my Keurig on a milk crate beside my mini fridge. The last thing I had to figure out was how to get a good fresh water supply. I couldn’t use tap water of course, but luckily there are fountains all over the place. In the morning I go to a fountain and fill two bottles of water to bring back to my room. I pour them into my Keurig, pick my tea and I’m good to go.

So I’m all set up and ready to drink good tea in my new home. Now I’ll just have to do some school work!

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