Shop-InteriorWhen asked, we can all recall stories of redemption – some famous, some personal. They can inspire us and restore our faith in human nature. And they can open up new opportunities we might otherwise have foregone. Such was my experience with Matcha Box, a relatively new matcha beverage joint I was not all too happy with when I penned last month’s post.

Thankfully, Matcha Box’s owner, Alyssa White, discovered my post and responded to it with an invitation to return so that she could “make it up to me”. I appreciated that she took the time to respond, so I decided to take her up on her offer. Once again, on a Sunday afternoon, my friend Jane and I headed over to the shop full of anticipation. A parking spot was waiting for us right in front with two hours still on the meter. It was meant to be. More importantly, the door was open and a customer was inside. I recognized the owner and introduced myself. I can’t say the owner was pleased to see me, but she was gracious.

DrinksI ordered the hot version of “The Hero” despite the temperature outside. The menu describes it as a “Matcha almond milk latte made with homemade nut milk.” Although the taste was subtle, I enjoyed its natural sweetness (without sugar or other sweeteners) and the foamy head. It was soothing and light. My only complaint was that it was served in a paper cup. I get it that Matcha Box is geared for takeout, but for those who plan to enjoy their drink there, a porcelain cup would have been a nice touch.

With the tea, Jane and I were treated to a plate of scrumptious cookies and a slice of grain and nut-filled bread, half spread with matcha butter and half with cashew butter. All the goodies were delicious and worth a return visit.

Jane enjoyed “The Weho”: iced matcha, chia, and almond milk. Frankly, it would have been a better choice in the heat. She found it both tasty and refreshing.

Some places deserve a second chance. Matcha Box is one of those.

Photos courtesy of the contributor.