WMTSTM_review_Toffee_Bean2Delicious hot or cold, Toffee Bean, made by Monarch Tea Company, is a creamy, dreamy, and steamy treat of a blend. It is also the perfect beverage for those who love coffee and rooibos. Although caffeine free, I found it amusing that Toffee Bean paired the rooibos with a very small amount of Ethiopian coffee. The result? Notes of caramel and butterscotch that dance with a flurry of calendula petals, blending in a beautiful waltz of flavors with the aromatic coffee and rooibos.

Toffee Bean Hot Brew:

Boil water 190 to 200 F. Place two small scoops of Toffee Bean into your brewing vessel. I used a French Press. Pour boiled water into the vessel and steep for five to seven minutes. For me, two scoops had yielded two brews of Toffee Bean.

Iced Toffee Bean


Use the same brew time of five to seven minutes. After brewing, pour the liquid into a glass pitcher, cover, and chill it in your fridge. Tip: Always make ice cubes from the same brew to avoid a watered down iced beverage. Toffee Bean is available at Monarch Tea Company.

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