splash“Tea time.” Those two words are music to my ears. As self-proclaimed tea fanatics, we all enjoy a good tea time. But everyone’s different, we all have our own tea times and rituals, and today I’d like to share mine.

My first cup of tea is in the morning with breakfast. I always make one cup of black tea with milk and sugar and enjoy it either inside at the breakfast table or outside on the deck in the summer. This is the tea that wakes me up and prepares me for the day ahead. This is followed by a cup after lunch to aid with digestion. I generally enjoy a cup of white or green tea a few minutes after lunch; this tea also helps me relax for the coming afternoon.

One of my favorite tea times is after school when I have five or so of my friends over to have tea. I make up a few little pots and we enjoy them around a table and talk about the day’s events. My after dinner tea is very similar to my after lunch tea. I have a cup of white or green tea after dinner and sit quietly in a corner and reflect on the day. My last tea of the day I have about an hour before I go to bed. I have a small cup of oolong to help me relax and prepare for bed. For me, this final cup of tea is the perfect conclusion to my day.

As schedules change, the school year ends, and I start working for the summer, my tea times change a bit. On days when I work from 8-1, then 4-8 I am given the perfect time for and afternoon cup of tea. This is my favorite tea time as I often enjoy a cup of black tea and a bit of bread while reading a good book.

In closing, tea time is my favorite time of day no matter when it is. It’s a time for relaxing, socializing and peace. Each tea time for me is a wonderful thing, and I’m sure everyone can agree. Now that I’ve shared my favorite time for tea I’d love to hear yours!