I got an email this morning with some disturbing information.  It appears that Starbucks hasn’t been a good citizen of the environment.  They tout the fact that their coffee is “ethically sourced and sustainably produced” but they fail to mention the other products that they sell. That feels very uncomfortable to me. As I consumer, I had assumed their philosophy would be consistent throughtout their operation. Apparently not. It’s the palm oil in their foods that contribute to the problem.

What options do we have as consumers?  We can let Starbucks know loud and clear how we feel about their misrepresentation and encourage them to take action to correct this.  We can put our money where our mouths are. The good news is that I understand Starbucks is quite responsive to consumer feedback so now’s the time to tell them how you feel.  Let’s send the message to this giant retailer that the planet is very important to us.  We will not support companies that harm our planet and endanger our precious wildlife.

Thanks for taking the time to communicate your feelings to Starbucks.