“What’s with all these ‘diet’ teas? And all these ‘slimming’, ‘detox’ and ‘cleansing’ teas, too?”

I get asked this quite frequently. Yes, there are plenty out there and more are showing up daily. So it’s a valid question that requires some research.

For the most part, we all know what we truly need to be doing to live a healthy lifestyle, don’t we?

Why we don’t do it is a complicated dilemma that sometimes takes us to places, memories, thoughts and feelings we’d rather not revisit.

Yes, most of us are looking for the miracle, magical cure-all. Surely, in this day and age it must exist!

Is there a “tea” that will work miracles? Something simple and easy that one can steep and sip to witness miracles?

Yes and no. But let’s get real.

We do need to move things out of our bodies: residues of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. These and plenty more have been sprayed onto our plants, fruits and vegetables for decades. We are ingesting this stuff daily and most of us have been since we were children.

Do we need to cleanse? Yes! Are we full of toxins? Yes! Is ‘junk’ backup inside our bodies? Yes! Do our organs hold the residues of poisons? Yes! Are we getting fatter as a nation? Yes! Ouch. doesn’t all of that hurt?!

All of those poisons plus the chemicals, preservatives, metals, saturated fats, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics, etc., etc. (this is usually when people shut down) are too much! Even too much information causes a person to throw their hands up in despair and reach for the comfort of some cool, creamy, smooth and rich ice cream.

So will a detox, slimming, cleansing, diet tea make any difference?

I believe it can — but I also believe people need to be informed, and then they need to make empowered decisions based on knowledge and trust.

I’m a tea specialist, not an herbalist, but I’ve definitely found the need to explore many herbs over the last several years. Many of the “diet teas” contain all kinds of herbs as well as tea. And as fascinating as the tea plant is, herbs can be just as exciting, too! Just be on the lookout for senna in these blends — this is an herb that can cause serious issues when taken too frequently (i.e. digestive distress).

I’d like to address a new product currently out on the market called Magic TeaFit.

IMG_0832I’ve been asked by Magic TeaFit to try their blends, to taste them and to test them. And yes, I am being compensated for the time I am putting into my research. I do not measure the success or failure of anything. I do not measure any product or beverage or pill by how much weight is lost during a given period of time; been there, done that. I’ve spent almost a lifetime on that merry-go-round.

Magic TeaFit has put top-quality herbs and herb powders into their products in that 98% of the ingredients are organic. Organic is definitely the way to go! Their Detox blend is actually 100% organic. The Energy Boost has only two out of the twenty-two ingredients that are not organic. And there is no senna in either blend, which I think is a very good choice. I’ve watched countless review videos on many other similar products and have discovered a much younger market out there almost addicted to senna. In the quest to be thin, our younger generation is indifferent to any of the cautions about senna. For most of them, their young bodies can handle some of the abusive techniques they are engaging in, but middle-aged bodies cannot. To start employing dangerous tactics at such a young age can only lead to unhealthy behaviors in the future (I will do an article on senna–stay tuned).

Magic TeaFit tastes good! Many of the herbs used in their blends, when tasted by themselves, don’t taste very good. I am happy with the taste and balance of the herbs used in that one does not overpower another. Having stated this, and since I am personally not much of a fan of Stevia, I tasted a bit too much of it in the Energy Boost for my liking, but I found the Detox blend to be very pleasant with the amount of organic Stevia it contained.

I liked the taste of both infusions, and I do recommend Magic TeaFit upon taste and quality, first and foremost. As a weight loss product? When one follows their plan, there will be success. When one chooses to deviate, there will be other results. When one is ready, the “magic” comes from within, and certainly by putting top-quality, good-tasting liquids into the body, “magic” will happen.

Fairly priced? All I can say about that is: what is the true price of good health?

Have a look for yourself. Use the code “MYLOVE15” to save 15% at checkout, courtesy of Magic Teafit.

Images courtesy of the author.