9484343574_7a1291e95d_zWell, it happened–I finished high school. As each end marks a new beginning, as I finish high school I’m beginning my studies at university. As I began packing my things for the big move, my mind drifted to tea as it generally does. A thought occurred to me: what will I do with all my tea and teapots?!

My first thought was to try to drink as much of the tea as I could before I left so I wouldn’t have to take as much with me. I soon realized it was pointless as I would probably just end up repurchasing all the tea I consumed. One thing I knew for sure was I couldn’t take everything, so I would have to leave something with my parents. I decided that I would leave my favorite teapots with them, as I didn’t want them damaged or stolen at university. It will be sad to say goodbye to my Yixing teapot and my Tetsubin but it has to be done.

Once I reduced what I was taking, I had to figure out how to get the rest to school. I have a dozen caddies, two small teapots, and some spoons that need to be transported 10 hours away. I originally thought I would pack it all in a small padded backpack, but I didn’t want to bring an extra bag to my dorm room. I have now decided to wrap everything in packing paper and pack it into one of the two boxes I’m bringing to my dorm.

Though I am going to miss having the full extent of my tea supplies with me at all times, I am very glad to be moving out and beginning a new stage in my life. Now I just hope I can make good tea while I’m at university! Wish me luck.