CAMSIN_ILLUSTRATEDREVIEW JUN30Illustrated reviews are a pleasure to create, with tea, coffee, wine and whiskey my creative muses. They each inspire and engage the senses in a unique way. Tea creatively charges me. The velvety feel of the liquid releases a flood of words and quotes to dance through my mind with every sip. The words, the tea, and the moment are the fuel and infuse me with creativiTEA.

Zen-like, the art of the flowering teas and their delicious moments slowly unfold and reveal inner beauty which I then capture through illustration. The illustrations I present today are for the Camellia Sinesis Teahouse located in the heart of Montreal. To fully enjoy any blossoming tea, use a large glass teapot. Place the tea bud into the teapot and pour in boiled water (roughly 90˚C). Then watch as, over the next 4-5 minutes, tiny bubbles form and dance while the blossom gradually unfurls into a delicate and beautiful beverage.

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Article and illustrations by Jennifer Cook. Visit her website here.