matchaSniffling nose, wheezing cough and a cloudy head– we all hate that feeling of being holed up in bed sick all the time!

Ever since I started my matcha company four years ago- Zen Green Tea– I’ve noticed that I have not been sick with the flu. I put this down to luck until I started hearing from my customers that they also have not been sick since they began drinking matcha on a daily basis.

Filled with curiosity I began to do some research on matcha and the immune system and I began to read about some incredible facts.

Matcha has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the immune system. The greater the amount of matcha you drink the more ably your body is to suppress allergic reactions, the catechins have an antiviral effect and the ECGC’s help fight off bacterial infections.

Interestingly, scientists are studying the application of matcha in helping in the prevention and treatment of HIV. EGCGs which are  the primary polyphenols in Matcha appear to have a positive impact on the quality of sperm and thus help combat an HIV spread.

So if you are prone to a case of the sniffles ensure you drink up on matcha to stay healthy this year!


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