It is with great pleasure that I introduce the T Ching community to our new Managing Editor Tony Nunez. Tony hails from the suburbs of Chicago, IL where he works a full-time job as an engineer.  His love of tea brought him to Adagio Teas during his years at the Illinois Institute of Technology, educating the community about his favorite beverage–tea. His degree in Architectural Engineering comes through in his critical thinking and strong computer skills and creativity in problem-solving.  Perhaps one of the things I like best about Tony, beyond his love of tea, of course, is his wonderful sense of humor.  I hope you’ll all have a chance to engage him and get a feel that for the natural charm he’s got going. Please don’t hesitate to ask him any questions that come to mind. I know he’s open to hearing any changes or additions you’d like to see happen at T Ching. Please join me in welcoming Tony to T Ching.

Let’s make this our best year yet! The more active and involved each and every one of you is the more we will ensure that it happens.