This is Part 2 of Michael’s tea story.  You can click the first link in the first sentence, or the link at the end of this post to read the first installment. 

The rest was history, after drinking my first cup of Jasmine I was hooked on loose leaf tea. I would drink my cheap Jasmine tea every day, experimenting with different steeping times to find what I liked best. The next step for me was ordering loose leaf tea online. I found a good loose leaf website and ordered a variety of teas. It was here that I learned how many different teas there were! White tea, pu-erh, and oolong were all new to me; I couldn’t believe that I had been missing this whole world of flavours!

I ordered all manner of teas and learned through some experimentation how to brew the teas to my liking. I became entranced by earthy pu-erhs and light oolongs. A few months later I was out of town and came across a store that sold loose leaf tea. I purchased miscellaneous tea items:  caddies, a tea spoon, a little glass pot, and so on. I also purchased some Japanese green tea – and more Jasmine tea, of course.jasmine loose MH June

After I got the hang of brewing multiple types of tea, I began the process of introducing a variety of teas to my friends. My teas were just as unfamiliar to them as they had been to me a few months previous. After school, as many as five of my friends would come over to my house where I would make several small pots of different teas. I introduced new kinds of tea every day, and as a group we would sit around my kitchen table, drinking tea and discussing the day’s events. At first my friends were hesitant about some of the teas, especially the Jasmines and pu-erhs. They had never tasted anything like those, but I assured them that the tastes would grow on them. I am proud to say that recently one of those friends began buying good Jasmine and oolong tea!

As I grew fonder and fonder of tea, I wanted to learn more about the teas I was drinking. I researched online, exploring the history, production and makeup of tea. I started taking online tea courses as well. My research led me to a tea blog called T-Ching, and I asked if I could be a contributor, and here I am. Now the best part of my tea story is what lies ahead!

You can read part one of Michael’s tea journey here.

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