Los Angeles is well known for hosting events, galas, extravaganzas, concerts, and festivals, but the TEA LOVERS FESTIVAL can now boast an entire decade dedicated solely to tea lovers. Kulov Communications did it again the first weekend in May in Pasadena, Ca with grand success!

May Day kicked off with cultural and educational programs which lasted two days — followed by an all-day tea marketplace on Sunday, May 3rd.

This well-attended event celebrates the arts and cultures of the many global countries with strong tea traditions. The educational programs feature tea labs, tea workshops, tea experts, tea presenters, and of course, many wonderful teas to see, touch, and taste.

The Marketplace features many tea companies that travel from near and far to be present at this event. This year we met delightful representatives from these companies: Argo Tea, Art of Tea, Bird Pick Tea & Herb, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, Fantasy Sugar, Glenburn Tea, Hankook Tea, Health-Ade Kombucha, Libre Tea, Numi Tea, Pureness Health, Sencha Naturals, Red Circle Tea, Tea Drops, Tea Lover Gift Baskets, Tea Xotics, World Flavorz, Zendigo Tea, along with Dr. Farid Zarif giving a presentation on the 1001 (almost) uses of tea! He showed us the “T” in TEA. dharlene tealovers collage

Located at STATS, a Southern Californian landmark with an eclectic array of things beyond the imagination, (a home decorative center) it was indeed a good fit for this festival. Lunch at the Tea Lovers Cafe by Bea’s Knees, was a memorable experience, in a good way, for certain! dharlene 3

California’s premier tea festival since 2006 — May 1st through 3rd, 2015 — celebrated a decade of spreading the love of tea in the Los Angeles area. Kudos to the man that simply calls himself, “Kulov”! The tea lovers of Southern California thank you for your decade of dedication.tealovers Dharlene 1

When I asked Kulov for his overall impression of the event, he said, “When it comes to attendance, it was great! It was a very ‘good quality’ crowd, for lack of a better term, that came by constantly throughout the day. It was the true tea lovers who were interested in learning and buying. A lot of exhibitors reported selling out of product by the end of the day. Overall, I think that the more traditional kind of teas, such as the Darjeelings, the Pu-erhs, the Mao Fengs – did a bit better than the more contemporary tea blends. And, everybody was really happy with our new space at Stats!”

He also stated, “We have a decade-retrospective book coming out in the fall. Then, on Valentine’s Day in February of 2016, we plan on having a performance showcase from cultures with strong tea traditions, which we used to have in our early days. As well as tea ceremonies, which we still have as part of our programming. That showcase will be the bookend to our 10th Anniversary year. By the way, I’m not sure if you knew, but our tea festival used be around Valentine’s Day,  hence the name, TEA LOVERS FESTIVAL.”

When tea people get together, it’s always a good time. I am grateful to Kulov for his perseverance in continuing with this annual event. Let’s see what he comes up with for next year!! Dharlene tealovers 2

Images courtesy of Dharlene Marie Fahl.