Two devastating earthquakes occurred in Nepal between April 25 and May 13.  Words fail to describe the loss of life, damage to thousands of sites secular and sacred, injury – and the difficulty for victims accessing fresh water, food, medical attention, and basic supplies.nepal earthquake relief

The good news is that within hours of the first quake, Rajiv & Vivek Lochan loaded a large container truck with supplies and delivered them to those in need.  A few days later, another vehicle loaded with supplies was taken deeper into the quake zone. While many of you were enjoying the buzz at WTE, the Lochans kept the movement of goods flowing. Even as I type this, the relief effort goes on.  A significant portion of the funding for this immediate response was set up by Colonel Jason McDonald.  Grateful for the opportunity to participate, you can join me by clicking here.earthquake relief 2

Every cent donated goes directly to relief for the victims.

It is hardly a surprise that Colonel McDonald and the Lochan family (aka “The Gentlemen of Tea”) are spearheading this effort.  There was no questioning, no waiting to see how the Nepalese government responded, and no passing the buck.  They dug in and got it done.

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