For tea lovers attending the World Tea Expo in Long Beach May 6-8, ITCC (International Tea Cuppers Club) will host their 6th Annual Cup Warming event. This year, the tea tasting social will be conducted on the main events stage on Friday, May 8, from 1:00 – 2:00. As in the past, several producers and experts will be presenting teas from their countries and offer a taste of their special teas. As always, the event is open to everyone, as well as ITCC members, and is free of charge. So we will have enough cups and tea, an RSVP to itcc@teacuppers is appreciated – but not required. According to one of last year’s attendees, it is “A great way to learn more about great teas directly from the experts and connect with fellow tea professionals and aficionados. Can’t wait for the next one.” The event is listed on the WTExpo website under the Special Events section under the Events tab. Here is the direct link. ITCC will also have a booth on the show floor this year. Come by and enjoy some tea with fellow Cuppers! Booth 1121, across from the N.A. Tea Champion Winners tasting area.15412442116_e0e7ff4667_z

Last year’s event was held the night before the Expo. Nonetheless, nearly 100 people attended! Experts from India, China, Japan and Sri Lanka introduced several teas, some brought in especially for the event. One amazing tea, an SFTGFOP from Darjeeling, subsequently made the headlines in international news and was valued at nearly $2,000 per kilo, wholesale price!

The ITCC Cup Warming at the Xiamen (China) International Tea Fair this past October was  attended by well over 150 people with presenters from China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Argentina. ITCC will be returning to Xiamen this October and is hosting a 3-5 day tea tour in advance of the Tea Fair. For those attending the Hong Kong International Tea Fair in August, look for ITCC there too.WTE Dan

For those new to ITCC, it is an international community of tea lovers of all levels who are interested in learning more about good teas, their origins, and related issues. The hallmark Cupping Events, held several times a year, focus on tasting and evaluating specific teas and regions. The next Cupping Event will investigate the prized spring-picked Japanese Shin Cha. Cupping Events are open to all members  and membership is open to all who have a passion for learning and appreciating tea. For more information on ITCC or to request a copy of the most recent newsletter Cupping Notes, please visit or call (630) 961-0877.

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