During my most recent weekend getaway, while having breakfast at Crown Princess’s Horizon Court on Deck 15, I noticed the self-serve beverage station’s teabag teas. I asked a server if there were other tea services on board.   My low expectation was met of course – it was a four-day West Coast getaway – there was barely enough time to appreciate the sea, let alone boil, steep, and sip tea.

Post1 (13)My expectation to find “tea cruises” reviews, on the hand, was rather high.   The article Top 10 Afternoon Teas at Sea seems to contain a comprehensive list.  The post’s lack of a timestamp, however, could diminish the information’s value.

Could anyone on board a Disney Cruise attend the Royal Court Royal Tea?  Even in my childhood I would feel awkward being entertained in such a grandiose fashion.

What are the differences between the archetypical afternoon tea and Royal Dutch High Tea, which Holland America Line so ardently advertises?  The most straight-forward guess could just be the right answer: Dutch pastries and desserts.  There is also the Indonesian Afternoon Tea.  Guess again!   Indonesian teas are served.   I was hoping for more twists . . .

Post2 (16)It is probably too early to plan a post-Panama Canal Expansion cruise, scheduled to be completed in 2016!  Have you heard of Nicaragua Canal, a project overseen by a Chinese entity?  Believe it or not, the groundbreaking event has already been held.  Take a quick look at the map of Central America:

Anyone with common sense would ask, “Why?”

Images courtesy of Ifang Hsieh.