It is unfortunate that much of the world has taken to compartmentalizing life: body for the doctors, mind for the psychiatrists and spirit for religion. True healing is a unification of these false barriers. A life of tea is a life, and applies equally to all aspects of truth. The sacred must flow through the spirit and body, unifying and then ultimately transcending such arbitrary boundaries. What we eat affects our tea incredibly. The pure foods are either vegetarian, or that which is donated and then received by an open pure heart. We must promote physical wellbeing in order to heal the spirit as well. Tea has always been synonymous with medicine, in its purest form. We drink tea to flush the toxins from our bodies, as well as our hearts. Similarly, tea preparation involves the flow of energy through our bodies. For that reason, we practice Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Yoga to make this flow graceful, knowing that it will influence how we live and how we prepare our tea.

Birthdays 1

Bowl Six: Healing and Community; Work and Service May 6
Bowl Seven: Connection to the Great Nature; Bowl tea May 13
Bowl Eight: Grace and Beauty; Gong fu tea May 20

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“Eight Bowls of Life” was written by Wu De and first published by Global Tea Hut in February, 2013. Post image courtesy of Global Tea Hut. Loading image from T Ching archives.