Month: April 2015

Tea at sea?

During my most recent weekend getaway, while having breakfast at Crown Princess’s Horizon Court on Deck 15, I noticed the self-serve beverage station’s teabag teas. I asked a server if there were other tea services on board. My low expectation was met of course

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Bowl Five: Physical well-being, diet and movement

t is unfortunate that much of the world has taken to compartmentalizing life: body for the doctors, mind for the psychiatrists and spirit for religion. True healing is a unification of these false barriers. A life of tea is a life, and applies equally to all aspects of truth.

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Importance of seedling

There are an infinite variety of tea bushes found around the world. With the aid of modern science, planters have been looking at harvesting tea from certain types of bush found desirable for their specific needs. Some of these specifics are:

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Finding Chinese tea in the Latin Quarter

I recently found myself traveling Europe for two weeks with a small school group, where and when I discovered that you never know when or where you’ll find good tea.

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