It’s that time of year again. The World Tea Expo is holding its nominations for the BEST in 10 distinct categories:

Best Tea Publication

Best Tea Social Media  Reach

Best Tea Industry Website

Best Tea Business

Best Tea Blog

Best Tea Educator

Best Tea Health Advocate

Best Tea Marketing

Best Tea Industry Innovator

Best Tea Personality

trophyDon’t feel pressured to nominate someone in each category.  Vote in the area or areas that you feel knowledgable.  Do a little research if that appeals to you.  I ask that you vote your heart: that will surely be the right nomination for you.

TChing was delighted to be selected as a finalist last year.  It was an honor to be recognized by the international tea community as a blog that achieved wide recognition.  I think it’s wonderful that The World Tea Expo has allowed the general public to participate in providing these initial nominations.  The winners will be voted on by those in the tea industry who attend the World Tea Expo.

The first two links above will take you to the survey, or you can click here.

Remember, your voice is important.  Happy voting one and all.  We’ll share the list of the finalists on the 30th.

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