There are many perks associated with having a successful tea blog. I think my favorite is the often requested inquiry to review teas or tea related products.  When I got the inquiry from Table Rose, I was delighted.

About 20 years ago I traveled to Turkey with a friend and fell in love with the beautiful glass tea cups.  When shopping at the local bazaar, one was always invited in for tea and served from a wonderful tea pot and these exquisite glass tea cups. Over the years I’ve seen knock offs of those tea cups but they were always a cheap substitute. These beauties appear to be the real deal.  They have weight and the etching seems like it will last beyond a few washings and they are lead hood

For me, using beautiful tea ware is an important part of my tea ritual with the tea being the star.  Holding a well crafted cup or pot enhances the experience of having a cup of tea. Given the stresses of modern life, I think my tea ritual is even more important to me.  It’s actually an exercise in mindfulness.  I know of no better way to shift away from stress and tension and be in the present moment than to enjoy a cup of tea.  Sitting in front of my window which brings me to nature, I can begin to feel my body relax and breathe.  I am grateful for this beautiful place I call home and the gift of tea.  Here’s the view from my window.  It just doesn’t get better than this . . . except when I drink from these lovely glass tea cups!