Hypertension, a symptom-free malady, is responsible for many forms of heart disease, the devastating trauma of stroke, and countless deaths in this country. In an earlier and healthier time, hypertension was most common in the elderly. Now, even youngsters are diagnosed with this silent killer.

cuff 220I stumbled upon a fascinating report on research regarding tea consumption and hypertension from 2004. The report is four years old, but the message bears repeating. (Click here to read about a study done in 2012  which corroborates the benefits.)

In a sample made up of overweight, alcohol-drinking cigarette smokers, it was found that drinking half a cup of oolong per day for one year led to a 46% decrease in risk for developing hypertension. Among those who drank two-and-a-half cups of oolong per day, the risk was reduced by 65%! Imagine the benefits for people without one – or any – of the risk factors shared by the 1500+ research subjects! Yet another reason to drink tea early and often.

This post was first published on the blog on March 17, 2008, titled “Half a cup of tea keeps the cuff off of me.”