Month: February 2015

Have tea stain . . . will travel

I was sipping a perfect cup of Doke Black Fusion, a Darjeeling tea available from Lochan Teas, as I packed my travel bag for an overnight trip. Tea in one hand, cordura duffle in the other, the duffle slipped just as I placed my favorite buckwheat pillow in the bag . . . jarring the cup of tea

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Turkish Delight

There are many perks associated with having a successful tea blog. I think my favorite is the often requested inquiry to review teas or tea related products. When I got the inquiry from Table Rose, I was delighted.

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Tea is heart and spirit

Tea is a spiritual path, a Dao. In living a life of tea we realize that in all we do, we are preparing tea. What we eat affects our tea, as does the way we treat people. One of our masters always says, “If you want to learn to make tea, you must first learn to be a person.” That’s easier said than done.

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Mom, me, and tea

My mom passed away recently. She is on my mind every day. How does that relate to a tea blog? It’s an important part of my personal tea story. It was the end of a very long adventure the two of us lived together.

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Tea in another form: A jewel of a gelée

What’s better than a fresh-out-of-the oven scone? Give up? A fresh-out-of-the-oven scone spread with tea gelée. Take your favorite tea, brew it, sweeten it lightly with either honey or sugar, and then set the liquid with a bit of gelatin. Allow to cool, refrigerate and

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