I am reminded of New Years’ 2013: I had resolved to lose fifteen pounds (just 18 to go)!  And, I made a list of foods I would give up to achieve that goal: haggis, kimchi, and tripe topped my list.369389063_8ed4ddbb5b_z

Then my husband came by, looked at the list and declared, “But you HATE haggis, kimchee, and tripe!”

“PRECISELY!  Then it won’t be too difficult, right?  Not like I’m giving up chocolate, cheesecake, or cheese, right?”

Here we are, New Years’ Eve of 2014, and as mentioned above, there are still 50 lbs too many of me and I still despise haggis (that revolting image just above and to the right of this sentence), kimchee, and tripe, pictured respectively, below.439243249_0ef90977bc_z (1)



Perhaps kimchi has the best chance of making it into the 2015 lineup of foods I will attempt to like.  Although, given that extra 50, perhaps I shouldn’t eat anything.

What I WILL do in 2015 – and I hope you do, too – is try new teas!  I have demonstrated great versatility in black teas, enjoying those from mellow to brisk, from India to China to Ceylon and Kenya.  My green tea habit is static at jasmine pearls and matcha.  I need to branch out, into the toasty oolongs and the high mountain oolongs.  Please give me your recommendations and I will try them!  Now that my little town has a tea lounge with some 150 different teas and state-of-the-art brewing equipment, it will be easy!

To you and yours: let us hope that 2015 brings peace to our troubled world, that conflicts are discussed and resolved over cups of tea, and much, much laughter.


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