As a dedicated and serious tea fan, I often make a lot of effort for my cuppa. I’ve made midnight runs to the supermarket to buy milk for my tea and I have travelled through India sampling some of the finest teas in the world.

heavenly stairs erin

Recently, however, I have discovered an epic tea journey in China. This journey features jaw dropping heights, rickety bridges, thousands of steps carved into rock faces and quite a risk element to your own life! This post shows the trip necessary to get to the teahouse on the southern peak of Mt. Huashan in China.

First off are the “Heavenly Stairs”, then it’s a gondola ride to the base of the southern peak.


gondola erinAfter the gondola drops you off, there is a short distance of path. The path gets tighter and tighter, until the only way to continue is by sections of planks put together to bridge the gaps…. EEEKKKK!scaffold erin


the top erinThe final stretch goes straight up the mountain face. Toe holes have been gouged and hammered out of the rock face.

And finally, the peak!  On top of this peak is the southern temple, a teahouse which is probably more revered for its location than its tea

teahouse at top erin






Images courtesy of the contributor.