Do you ever forget how much you love and appreciate an appliance . . . until it stops working?  I have been thoroughly enjoying my Gooseneck variable electric tea kettle for over a year.

bonavitaI love the shape.  I love the pour.  I love the temperature settings.  I just LOVE it. Between my husband and I, I would guess that we make between six to eight cups/pots of tea per day plus three medicinal tinctures that require warm water. My kettle certainly gets a daily work out.

Much to my horror, it stopped working last week.  I checked my file cabinet for a warranty or paperwork on my purchase but of course I couldn’t find anything. Record keeping is NOT my strong point.  In a panic, I called customer servicer and began explaining my dilemma.  I was delighted to learn that if I filled out a return form online, they would accommodate a replacement for me.  How was that possible?  I had no proof of purchase.  Perhaps the serial number on the bottom proved that it was manufactured within the last year. I will never know.  And I’m not going to ask.

Today, despite snow and ice covering my steep driveway, UPS pulled up and delivered my new Bonavita.  I’m in heaven.  Why is it that until we loose something, we forget how valuable it really is to us?  I’ve had dozens of different electric kettles and hot water dispensers.  This one is stainless steel, manufactured so that none of the plastic parts or components come in contact with the hot water.  I love the preset temperature settings which makes it effortless to switch from green to white to oolong to black.

Perhaps I should buy stock in the company.

This is my joy to use each and every day. It makes the task of rapidly bringing hot water to the desired temperature – without needing to use a thermometer or keep one’s eyes on the size of the bubbles at the bottom of the pan – a pleasurable one. I was relieved to put the thermometer away in the drawer, along with the pot that had been taking up space on my stove.

I can assure you that the Bonavita will exceed your expectations.  Happy tea making my friends!

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