Month: January 2015

Tea review: Doke autumnal 2014

This tea comes from a small producer in Bihar, south of Darjeeling. The flat tea garden, next to a river (a power plant outlet), is everything else than the almost eponymous “Darjeeling Himalayan vales” – and yet it can already rival with some of the finest Darjeelings.

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How to turn a nonevent into an event

While on holidays back ‘home’ in Canada, visiting and getting nourished by family and old friends, my mind has entered sufficiently into mind meltdown phase that I can comfortably waft through a couple of recent tea memories.

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An insider’s look at the Turkish tea industry and beyond

While the most ubiquitous role for women in the tea industry has been that of plucker, women are gradually moving from the field to tea company C-suites. Here in the United States, a number of prominent tea companies…

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Inquiring minds ask questions about specialty tea

A wonderful, kind, amazing man, known as The Candyman, David Klein, the originator of something you’ve all probably enjoyed – Jelly Belly jelly beans – invited me to join his Internet board of entrepreneurs recently. There is an interesting and wonderful interactive

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