As we find ourselves in the throes of the holiday season, it’s easy also to find ourselves rushed and stressed out. I was at the post office this week and had to wait 30 minutes in line for my turn. Everyone was grumbling, frustrated and angry.

I don’t think this is what our most holy of figures would like to see. Hallmark tells us that the holidays are magical times with Santa and festive holiday meals. Hollywood portrays a similar misrepresentation of happy families and joyous reunions. For many, holidays can be quite a different reality.santa's grave The stress of family gatherings and the financial expenditures that are required for travel and gift giving are certainly enough to make us crabby. So what can we realistically do to put us on a kinder, gentler, holier path?

No big surprise here. I’m talking TEA.

Yes, tea. If everyone would commit to taking a few precious moments each day to brew up some tea, then sit down in a quiet place to relax, we would be on our way to a much kinder and gentler holiday season! It’s not too much to take twenty minutes. This little time to yourself can be most helpful when you’re feeling pulled in too many different directions. Think about what the holidays are really all about. Think about what’s really important in your life. I think the BIG guys would approve. Amen.

This post first published on December 26, 2007.  Timely advice for Holiday 2014!

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