Once again, World Tea New broke the story about green tea’s role in fighting cancer.

I’m a strong advocate for the health benefits of green tea.  Despite the FDA’s reluctance to formally validate its abundant health benefits, that reluctance hasn’t stopped researchers around the globe from using green tea in their mission to improve health and wellness.

The Singapore bioengineering firm IBN, has experimented with the antioxidant source of EGCG to act as a nanocarrier for chemotherapy drugs.  According to their results published in Nature Nanotechnology, green tea worked like a charm.2273862339_b3ae4f08f5_o

“The numerous health benefits of green tea have inspired us to utilize it in drug delivery systems. This is the first time that green tea has been used as a material to encapsulate and deliver drugs to cancer cells. Our green tea nanocarrier not only delivered protein drugs more effectively to the cancer cells, the combination of carrier and drug also dramatically reduced tumor growth compared with the drug alone. This is an exciting breakthrough in nanomedicine,” said IBN Executive Director, Professor Jackie Y. Ying

For me, using a natural substance to help combat disease is the obvious solution. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical companies don’t make massive profits with natural substances so they must first synthesize the key component in the plant.  Mother nature provides hundreds of assisting compounds within each plant to prevent unnecessary side effects. Man-made drugs don’t have that benefit to date.  I look forward to U.S. researchers picking up this important information and bringing it closer to fruition.  It’s easy to see that having fewer toxic chemicals in the body while trying to heal from a major health crisis can help patients in their quest of fighting for their lives.