Month: October 2014

Shangri La’s chocolates: paradise in your mouth

Of all the foods and drinks in this world, there aren’t many (or perhaps any) that can top tea and chocolate. In fact, the two have been featured together in at least a dozen posts here on T Ching. This post highlights a new…

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Global Tea Hut: solace in a cup of tea

The confessional tone of many contributions to the Global Tea Hut monthly newsletter has led me to believe I already know some of you personally, though we are all spread out across the globe. Is there something in the nature of tea itself that lends itself to confessional storytelling?

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Tea poetry: radio’s contribution

One long summer in Honolulu, Oahu, I spent the morning hours watching old movies on a local television channel. In addition to adaptations of literary works such as David Copperfield and The Count of Monte-Cristo,

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Time for repose

To the Chinese, the heart is the central life image, and a source of thought and intelligence. A healthy life includes essential time-taking activities, such as repose.

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