Fire is a masculine energy force and water is known as a feminine energy force. Much of our universe is either one or the other of these forces. When it comes to making tea – tea brings these forces together. Fire is used to heat the water, and the tea added to the water is believed to bring these two forces together. Most of the tea ceremonies can easily be seen as representing the balancing of these two energy forces. Then, we drink this beverage of balance.

Masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) forces have been fighting each other for generation after generation, but only because things got out of balance. Tea can been seen as one of the ‘balancing agents’ of these two seemingly opposite and opposing energy forces; and balance is what we all need in our lives.

Dharlene tea leavesMasculine energy is perceived as dominant, forceful, direct, practical, logical; feminine energy is soft, flowing, creative, intuitive, gentle. Water is feminine because of its fluidity. but we’ve all heard the saying, ” . . . over time water will cut through stone.” Fire is as masculine as you can get; yes, it has the power to destroy, but where would we be without it? Both of these energy forces are necessary in our lives, but as roles are changing for men and women, the lines of femininity and masculinity are getting blurred. Each and every one of us has both masculine and feminine aspects naturally within us, and in some, the aspects are perhaps out of balance.

I am speaking only of heterosexual relationships here. Some men have greater feminine tendencies, or are “in touch with their femininity.” In many societies and workplaces, this is frowned upon. As women fight for equal rights, they have a tendency to become more masculine than is natural and therein lies some of our problems. We take those problems home with us and the battle between the energy forces comes to the dinner table and to the bedroom.

Countries are seen as masculine or feminine; beverages are seen as masculine or feminine, too. The USA is definitely considered to have a masculine predominance. I am from Canada and I am sure Canada is perceived as a feminine country.

Coffee is a masculine beverage; tea is a feminine beverage.

What do we drink more of in the United States? Hmmmm. Now, I cannot say that the beverages we consume dictate the energy of our country, but in some cases, it certainly doesn’t help! Or, by putting a positive spin on things, it could be said that perhaps some beverages could actually help. Like tea!

Like most things in life, change takes time and making tea takes time.

To take the time to mindfully prepare yourself a pot of tea, or to prepare one for someone else, and perhaps share that pot with another, could really do wonders for a relationship. Understanding our energy forces – that they are not “opposing” forces but “complementary” forces – can ultimately help us understand each other and perhaps identify where we can make changes to enhance and enrich our relationships.

Men don’t think like women do.  Men don’t process information the way women do, and a man doesn’t respond the way a woman does. Once we understand and appreciate our differences, we can move into the place of loving and appreciating our partners – and even our coworkers – for who they truly are. These are confusing times for both men and women.

Men need to be men and women need to be women. Male energy is dominant and female energy is submissive. My choice of terms here may be very upsetting to some. But when this comes from a place of love and understanding, it does not mean one is dominant over the other or better than the other. These energies are simply different – and complementary.Dharlene tea and goblet

The ancient wisdoms understood these energy forces and in some societies they even believed these forces were once ONE. Yes, everything is about wholeness and completeness. It is about accepting both energy forces within ourselves and within another.

Our external world can only be a reflection of our internal world. We are all seeking balance whether we know it or not. So, put the kettle on and see how easily these energy forces can be united and balanced in a pot of tea. Go ahead and drink the beverage. Drink it with reverence and drink it with an open heart and mind.

Tea is about harmony and unity – internally and globally.

TEA — just needs to BE — because it just IS.

 Images provided by contributor.