Well, I have just about heard it all now. We all know that there has been growing research about the relaxing and soothing effects of tea, something those of us who drink tea have anecdotally known for a long time. Here, however, is a completely new twist – to me at least. Have a relaxing and soothing rest on a bed of tea; literally.

Classic_HempHere is an ecologically centered business – Keetsa: Eco-friendly mattress – which manufactures and sells beds with tea imbedded in the mattress. Go figure. They apparently use tea as a means to control odors. I know that tea has some wonderful aromas of its own, but how does it control other odors? Anyone familiar with that mechanism of action? I would also like to know what form of tea is used and how does it manage to maintain its integrity while imbedded for years in a foam mattress.

I wonder if the princess will be able to notice the tea in the mattress?

Like so many other new products jumping on the healthy tea bandwagon, is this a true benefit or is it just hype? Let me know what you think.

This post was first published exactly seven years ago, on October 3, 2007.  Hype or no hype, follow the link to find that Keetsa is still selling the tea mattress!
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