Have tea — will travel. Or could it be — will travel for tea?

Eleven years ago, I asked two questions: What is tea anyway? And why was tea associated with tranquility and spirituality? You know what is said about asking questions and being ready for the answers. All the preparation and planning in the world isn’t as powerful as tuning into your own inner wisdom. And, when you ask serious questions, you must get quiet enough to hear the answers.

So many business ‘gurus’ tell you to map out your plan — write out your goals — create your business plan — visualize it — create it in your mind — make it real — plan every step — execute every step — stick to your plan; yada, yada, yada.

Over the last decade, I’ve hung out with some of the big guns in the personal development world, the spiritual community, and the book world, but could I ever have planned out these last eleven years? NO! chicken soup?

Just as time with a cup of tea teaches us to be present in the now, to go with the flow, to surrender, to allow and to simply be — sometimes even the greatest business plans need to be scrapped in order to trust a greater wisdom.

Could I have planned these past eleven years any better? I think not, and even if I did think anything could have or should have been changed — there isn’t anything I can do to change the past, is there?

Did I know those two simple questions would change my life? NO!

Did I write down a plan to change my life? NO!

Did I let things unfold as they needed to? YES!

washington stateCan I be in charge of some things in my life? Yes. Do I want to be in charge of everything in my life? Not anymore. Can I make new plans and simply trust that things will evolve as necessary? Yes, and that is what I am doing right now.

I am introducing, The Travelling Teacup, (yes, with two l’s) and just as I wish to journey with, and for tea, I wish to include others in my tea travels. I see The Travelling Teacup being a travel blog of sorts, a teacup that travels with me, and shows up in all kinds of places. I will write about these places, educate people and enlighten people, and of course, spread a universal message of oneness through a cup of tea. No other beverage has the power to do that other than the world’s number one beverage next to water: TEA.

I have simply put ‘out’ my desire to travel in 2015, and I am truly amazed at all the invitations I’ve already received to visit tea-growing areas.  With both of my kids now “out of the nest” it is time for me to create a new life, a different life. Do I know exactly how that new life will look? No. Am I worried? No, to that, too.oregon coast

The Travelling Teacup made its maiden voyage, of sorts, early in August with a road trip up the west coast of this country from San Diego into the mountains of lower British Columbia; well over 3,000 miles in total. In my mind, that’s an awesome start!

With a teacup I will travel and I will share my journeys with you. With a teacup I will travel, and I will spread the word of oneness, for indeed, the whole world is in every cup of tea.

Images courtesy of the contributor.