Retail establishments are getting more creative.  In the Pearl district of Portland Oregon, there is a terrific shop called Christopher David. It’s an interior design shop, and a floral market, and a cafe.  It’s such a great space that welcomes you inside to explore and wander about. A similar venue opening in Florida next month: Black and Denim.

Black and Denim will be sharing their space with Te Bella –  which will be serving whole leaf teas.  This is an innovative concept in retailing. To have the pleasure of drinking wonderful whole leaf teas in a stimulating and varied environment is the best of all worlds!542405957_9e5a273d45_z Art galleries have incorporated a similar concept, again opportunity for visual exploration while quietly sipping a favorite tea. The shared-cost concept should find a few entrepreneurs ready to move forward with their longed for tea shop – financially unattainable before the possibility of a shared lease agreement – 50% less leasing cost. This as a win/win/win scenario.  Two compatible retailers get to enhance their spaces with the partnership; the consumer gets the best of both worlds. Hopefully this will allow more independent tea shops to compete a bit easier with tea conglomerates that are moving into neighborhoods and malls around the country.  I’ve always been partial to the small, privately owned tea shops.  How about you?

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