leaf opens and i drop out
flowing here and there like water
taking the shape of whatever is around me

this is how flowing is;
to others, you become the container
to yourself, no boundaries

11140129136_ba5a256bf1_ztoday I spill and run in all directions
gravity pulling me with dispassion to earth.
tomorrow i am carefully poured on an alter,
becoming the finest cup of tea
an offering for the gods.

this day I am poured into a beggars bowl
limitation defining my existence
the next, poured into a kings cup
the riches of the world, as fluid as myself

each of us boundless
each of us given a shape by another’s mind
the world is endless drops

This is how flowing is,
To nature, we are simply tea
To ourselves and others we become the cup we are poured into.

Back Seven: on Fridays, T Ching is delighted to publish a post from our archives.This poem was written by Paul Rosenberg and originally published on T Ching seven years ago, September 6, 2007, under the title “The Cup.”  Watch this space each week for a look BackSeven
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