Month: September 2014

Cooking programs

Check out this web page. If you don’t understand a word, right click on the page to bring up the menu and select “Translate to English.” Pleasantly surprised? The translation is far from perfect,

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Iced but not liquid

As the dog days of summer are winding down (hopefully!) and the thought of cooler days ahead reanimates my wish to cook, I am ready to take my tea in a different form—frozen. Although when the mercury is heading down the thermometer,

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Back Seven: Meet Rajah Banerjee

This post was first published on the T Ching blog almost seven years ago, on October 25, 2007. Please read yesterday’s post, by Rajiv Lochan, wherein the author establishes Banerjee’s influence on the tea industry even today.

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Global Tea Hut: an exploration of red tea

You may be surprised to know that Red Tea is the most popular type of tea in the West. How is it that most Westerners drink Red Tea without ever having heard of Red Tea? Simple. It just isn’t usually known by that name in the West.

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